Who influences technology analysts?

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Analysts following

como conocer a chicas gamers By RICHARD LAVEN, Managing Director, Apollo Research This post is designed to give a few key takeaways from research we’ve conducted into who influences technology analysts.  However, our research revealed too much information for one post on the writers, people, media, organisations and celebrities that are followed most by UK-based technology analysts. So we have published a 32 page report which delves into the … Read More

MarketingWho influences technology analysts?

The top 20 UK tech writers that influence other tech writers

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http://funeral-home.be/plevenw/2810 By RICHARD LAVEN, Managing Director, Apollo Research We’re so used to discussing the extent to which some tech writers influence the buyers of tech products but it’d be good to know who or what influences the tech writers. So armed with a bit of free time over the festive period we decided to do a bit of research and see … Read More

MarketingThe top 20 UK tech writers that influence other tech writers

Engaging with Technology Analysts

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Tech Analyst

follow link Public relations practitioners and organisations need to find ways of communicating with the analyst community. Second of a two-part series, by Tamsin Oxford.  In our first piece we spoke with some of the most influential analysts to find out more about how to strengthen analyst relations. In this, the second part, we are examining how PR agencies and organisations can improve relationships … Read More

MarketingEngaging with Technology Analysts

Aligning analyst relations and media relations

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Media and Analysts

http://theboxseat.co/?privet=conocer-hombres-paginas&b80=96 Aligning AR and PR: Insights from the technology industry’s most-quoted analysts First of a two-part series, by Tamsin Oxford.  Apollo Research interviewed some of the most influential and often-quoted analysts to find out what is important to them, what makes them tick and what really ticks them off. Industry analysts offer the media a rich resource for research, knowledge and expertise and play a fundamental … Read More

MarketingAligning analyst relations and media relations

Why the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science

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Golden Age Marketing

follow Why the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science By RICHARD COOK, Director of Champion Communications  Marketing is undergoing a revolution of sorts. Earlier this year, McKinsey heralded the ‘golden age of marketing’, reporting that up to one trillion USD is being spent on marketing globally. Technologies including analytics, big data and new marketing platforms have empowered marketers to … Read More

MarketingWhy the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science

Media loses clout among Developers

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Technology media and writers no longer hold sway among headline hungry developers, a survey from Apollo Research has shown. A study of more than 55,000 developers across the world has revealed a clear shift in influencer trends, with developers opting to seek news and information from fellow developers and organisations that supply developer tools, over and above industry writers and … Read More

MarketingMedia loses clout among Developers

Crisis communication

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Crisis Communications

Getting the planning done NOW By RICHARD MERRIN, MD of Spreckley  It seems like a lifetime ago now, but back in the dark days following the collapse of Lehmans, the mood of the media changed.  The once sunny uplands of the global economy had turned very dark and the media responded accordingly jumping on anything to darken the mood. The end of … Read More

MarketingCrisis communication

Enterprise Collaboration tools remain on trend and in flux

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Enterprise Collaboration

By TAMSIN OXFORD According to Ovum, a research and consultancy firm focused on converging IT, telecoms and media, the era of the tethered employee is coming to a close and the business being further challenged to find collaborative strategies that can improve human engagement and productivity. However, the tools and solutions that play in this space are often criticised for their … Read More

MarketingEnterprise Collaboration tools remain on trend and in flux

Apple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own

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The tech behemoths continually grab headlines- and eyeballs for media and blog publishers. Each month we publish a league table of the technology companies that received the most media coverage. The composition of top 500 changes quite significantly each month, but companies in the the top 5-10 remain fairly static from one month to the next. A question we’re often asked … Read More

MarketingApple, Google, Microsoft – in a league of their own

The biggest threat

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Hacks, attacks and breaches – security experts benefiting from bad news days By TAMSIN OXFORD In July 2015 the Ashley Madison website, famous for connecting people who fancied an affair, was hacked and the names of millions of people were exposed. These individuals all came from different levels of society, professions and the magnitude of the hack, as well as its ramifications, … Read More

MarketingThe biggest threat