Information: Visualised

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Data visualisation is attracting much media attention, but vendors need to work hard to raise their share of voice within the current editorial landscape. By TAMSIN OXFORD Data visualization, the creation and study of the visual representation of data, is an extraordinary journey that takes the business through the reams of data and information at its disposal and allows for its analysis and … Read More

MarketingInformation: Visualised

Tech Analyst Firms: Top 5, Q2 2015

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Quote Marks

It’s time for a quarterly update to the Apollo Analyst Rankings. The results are based on coverage within top tier national, business and technology publications with the analysts ranked by their presence in the media. Here are the results for April-June 2015: Most Quoted Firms 1. Gartner 2. Forrester Research 3. IDC 4. IHS 5. Parks Associates Most Quoted Analysts 1. Robert Enderle … Read More

MarketingTech Analyst Firms: Top 5, Q2 2015

The changing face of influential media

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No Guesswork

By TAMSIN OXFORD There is a new royal in the media kingdom, the offspring of content and the internet and an essential tool for the building of relationships and brands – the influencer. The influencer is focused, targeted and respected. Their opinion valued and their level of user engagement a sweet scent to the organisation seeking new ways of attracting loyal … Read More

MarketingThe changing face of influential media

Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

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Sporting Preferences

Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences By RICHARD LAVEN A few months ago, I was discussing the impact of sports sponsorship with a client. She was considering a sponsorship opportunity connected to Formula 1 and was at the start of her due diligence process to work out whether this was the most cost effective way to reach her target audience of CIOs in … Read More

MarketingSponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

Under the Influence

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Under the Influence By TAMSIN OXFORD What is an influencer? These people have rich networks of followers and readers and fans, they are recognised as someone who can provide reliable advice, direction, knowledge and views. They are drivers of change, leaders of trends and makers of public opinion, and they are immensely valuable to brands. The influencer is central to the … Read More

MarketingUnder the Influence

The power of B2B influencers…in numbers

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Influencers in Numbers

The power of B2B influencers…in numbers By RICHARD LAVEN Here at Apollo Research we have an extensive program that analyses the groups that our clients target such as CIOs, Network Managers, Developers, Marketers, etc. to identify not only who influences those groups but also the extent to which they influence them. The program, which we call Apollo Target, has been running for … Read More

MarketingThe power of B2B influencers…in numbers

Influencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist

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Tech Specialist Blogging

Influencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist By RICHARD LAVEN Here’s an exercise that’s quite interesting. The following five influencers are all ranked in the top twenty most influential people, news sources and organisations among 3,365 IT managers in Europe and North America: Chris Curran (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) Engadget Forrester Research Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg (source: Apollo Target) How would you … Read More

MarketingInfluencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist

Digital Transformation: moving the media

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Digital transformation is a movement. It’s a shift that sees the leaders of today step into the markets of tomorrow. It is also still very much a misunderstood phenomenon. The Altimeter report on The State of Digital Transformation (2014) drew the conclusion that whilst a large percentage of respondents said they were undertaking digital transformation within their business, only a relatively … Read More

MarketingDigital Transformation: moving the media

Will Arnold, Apollo Research co-founder, dies aged 52

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Will Arnold 28.06.1962 – 26.4.2015

Will Arnold, Apollo Research co-founder, dies aged 52   We are deeply saddened at the loss of Will Arnold, co-founder and publishing director of Apollo Research who died from cancer on Sunday 26th April 2015. He leaves behind his wife Ruth, and their three children Joshua, Hannah and Olivia. Will co-founded Apollo Research in 2004 and was instrumental in everything … Read More

MarketingWill Arnold, Apollo Research co-founder, dies aged 52

Distributed Denial of Service: Identifying the coverage, driving the solutions

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Distributed Denial of Service: identifying the coverage , driving the solutions Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become bigger, faster and more frequent. Crippling servers and businesses, they have become increasingly difficult to stop and are very easy to start – anyone with a computer and free software can launch an attack. As a result of this relentless onslaught … Read More

MarketingDistributed Denial of Service: Identifying the coverage, driving the solutions