Why the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science

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Golden Age Marketing

citas de hombres enamorados Why the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science By RICHARD COOK, Director of Champion Communications  Marketing is undergoing a revolution of sorts. Earlier this year, McKinsey heralded the ‘golden age of marketing’, reporting that up to one trillion USD is being spent on marketing globally. Technologies including analytics, big data and new marketing platforms have empowered marketers to … Read More

MarketingWhy the ‘golden age of marketing’ hinges on permission and science

The biggest threat

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Visit This Link Hacks, attacks and breaches – security experts benefiting from bad news days By TAMSIN OXFORD In July 2015 the Ashley Madison website, famous for connecting people who fancied an affair, was hacked and the names of millions of people were exposed. These individuals all came from different levels of society, professions and the magnitude of the hack, as well as its ramifications, … Read More

MarketingThe biggest threat

Information: Visualised

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rencontre vacances pour célibataires Data visualisation is attracting much media attention, but vendors need to work hard to raise their share of voice within the current editorial landscape. By TAMSIN OXFORD Data visualization, the creation and study of the visual representation of data, is an extraordinary journey that takes the business through the reams of data and information at its disposal and allows for its analysis and … Read More

MarketingInformation: Visualised

The power of B2B influencers…in numbers

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Influencers in Numbers

site de rencontre landivisiau The power of B2B influencers…in numbers By RICHARD LAVEN Here at Apollo Research we have an extensive program that analyses the groups that our clients target such as CIOs, Network Managers, Developers, Marketers, etc. to identify not only who influences those groups but also the extent to which they influence them. The program, which we call Apollo Target, has been running for … Read More

MarketingThe power of B2B influencers…in numbers

Digital Transformation: moving the media

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Digital transformation is a movement. It’s a shift that sees the leaders of today step into the markets of tomorrow. It is also still very much a misunderstood phenomenon. The Altimeter report on The State of Digital Transformation (2014) drew the conclusion that whilst a large percentage of respondents said they were undertaking digital transformation within their business, only a relatively … Read More

MarketingDigital Transformation: moving the media

Distributed Denial of Service: Identifying the coverage, driving the solutions

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Distributed Denial of Service: identifying the coverage , driving the solutions Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become bigger, faster and more frequent. Crippling servers and businesses, they have become increasingly difficult to stop and are very easy to start – anyone with a computer and free software can launch an attack. As a result of this relentless onslaught … Read More

MarketingDistributed Denial of Service: Identifying the coverage, driving the solutions

The changing face of the mobile world

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The changing face of the mobile world  The smartphone has consistently dominated publication pages, both online and off, with features and qualities, design and size, debated and analysed by an increasingly savvy media pool. The iPhone 6 launch saw ripples across the smartphone market as the key players jostled for attention, and yet the topic is in decline with Apollo ... Read More
MarketingThe changing face of the mobile world

Tech Analyst Firms: Q4 2014’s TOP 10

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The Apollo Analyst Rankings  At the tail end of last year we saw the first ever Apollo Analyst Rankings. The rankings look at the media presence of industry analyst firms within top tier national, business and technology publications, providing a league table of the Top 10 tech analyst firms by their presence in the media. When compiling the rankings, Apollo ... Read More
MarketingTech Analyst Firms: Q4 2014’s TOP 10

Influencer marketing: rising influencers on tech

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Influencer marketing has become one of the key marketing trends in 2014 and looks as though it is here to stay, forming an integral part of marketing strategies across the globe. But influence isn’t something that is guaranteed, or stays forever, levels of influence fluctuate. People, organisations, groups and events rise and fall in prominence over time depending on what … Read More

MarketingInfluencer marketing: rising influencers on tech

Who were the most quoted analyst firms in Q3’14?


Industry analysts play a key role within the tech sector. They advise technology vendors on their strategy, product development, positioning; they advise end-users on the procurement of products and services. When corporations make major technology purchases analysts are likely to play a key role in the selection process. Tech companies also need to be alive to the role that analysts play in shaping opinion via … Read More

MarketingWho were the most quoted analyst firms in Q3’14?