Who influences technology analysts?

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Analysts following

http://theftzapperfence.com/?makisf=como-ligar-gratis-do-skype-para-celular&58b=85 By RICHARD LAVEN, Managing Director, Apollo Research This post is designed to give a few key takeaways from research we’ve conducted into who influences technology analysts.  However, our research revealed too much information for one post on the writers, people, media, organisations and celebrities that are followed most by UK-based technology analysts. So we have published a 32 page report which delves into the … Read More

MarketingWho influences technology analysts?

Media loses clout among Developers

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rencontre ferte gaucher Technology media and writers no longer hold sway among headline hungry developers, a survey from Apollo Research has shown. A study of more than 55,000 developers across the world has revealed a clear shift in influencer trends, with developers opting to seek news and information from fellow developers and organisations that supply developer tools, over and above industry writers and … Read More

MarketingMedia loses clout among Developers

Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

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Sporting Preferences

http://sevenhillsglass.com.au/?mikstyis=recherche-emploi-garcon-de-cafe&255=28 Sponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences By RICHARD LAVEN A few months ago, I was discussing the impact of sports sponsorship with a client. She was considering a sponsorship opportunity connected to Formula 1 and was at the start of her due diligence process to work out whether this was the most cost effective way to reach her target audience of CIOs in … Read More

MarketingSponsorship: CIOs’ Sporting Preferences

Influencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist

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Tech Specialist Blogging

http://mariondentalgroup.com/?myur=site-de-rencontre-congo-brazzaville&8dc=7b Influencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist By RICHARD LAVEN Here’s an exercise that’s quite interesting. The following five influencers are all ranked in the top twenty most influential people, news sources and organisations among 3,365 IT managers in Europe and North America: Chris Curran (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) Engadget Forrester Research Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg (source: Apollo Target) How would you … Read More

MarketingInfluencer Marketing: The growing influence of the IT specialist

The changing face of the mobile world

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The changing face of the mobile world  The smartphone has consistently dominated publication pages, both online and off, with features and qualities, design and size, debated and analysed by an increasingly savvy media pool. The iPhone 6 launch saw ripples across the smartphone market as the key players jostled for attention, and yet the topic is in decline with Apollo ... Read More
MarketingThe changing face of the mobile world

Mobile Adtech – a media analysis

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here   The world is going mobile, according to Statista in 2013 73.4% of the worlds internet users accessed via a mobile device. By 2017 this is expected to reach 90.1%. This explains why the last five years have seen an increase in acquisitions around mobile adtech, from Google & Apple to Yahoo everyone is getting in on the mobile adtech … Read More

MarketingMobile Adtech – a media analysis

Share of voice: Marketing automation


In recent years we have seen a huge development within marketing automation. The market has grown from a few small players into a multi billion pound industry attracting some of the largest technology companies in the world. This growth has most likely been driven by the increasing importance of marketing as a business function and therefore a greater demand for solutions … Read More

MarketingShare of voice: Marketing automation